How It Works.
We automate wherever it makes sense to do so. From form development to user accounts, data input to workflows. clevr is the most efficient system for K12 data collection

How It Works.

We automate wherever it makes sense to do so. From form development to user accounts, data input to workflows. clevr is the most efficient system for K12 data collection

Automation offers accuracy, consistency, scalability and traceability. The impact in education is expedited services for students, immediate access to information for staff, and evidence-based decision making for districts.

With student /staff mobility occurring daily, integration with back-end systems ensures that the information previously collected / recorded is made available to the new school and team, and not accessible by the old school and team unless otherwise specified. Data privacy and data protection are of the utmost importance therefore we dive really deep into these requirements during the onboarding stage.

Any data variable that is made available to us through an integration service can be pulled into clevr to pre-fill fields that are flagged for integration. This not only reduces the time it takes to complete a form but also eliminates human input errors as well.

  • Class alignment via SIS integration ensures that teachers only have access to the students and classes assigned to them. When starting a form, teachers will see a subset of students that they are aligned with based on their timetable in the SIS. This is a daily synchronization that automatically realigns students, classes, teachers daily if applicable in the case of student or staff mobility.
  • User Accounts can be automated to have the roles, forms and locations updated during the regular nightly integration routines. Existing clients use the data from one or many sources including the HR system, SIS, to determine role and permissions alignment.


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Typically, the district will have already selected their top priority areas to address and may have selected specific forms that they want to be included in the initial launch. Many times there are pre-existing forms in various formats that we use as a starting point and from there we discuss what possible improvements (add/change) we can make from a design layout perspective but also a functional perspective, considering things like user experience, impacts on long term reporting and streamlining workflows.

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Your Forms, Your Way

We carefully develop forms for clients according to their specifications, providing a consistent yet familiar digital format that quickly becomes an integral part of the technology ecosystem. Maintaining a similar look and feel to existing forms has proved to be an important variable for user adoption and confidence in using the system.

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Technical Setup

During the onboarding process, our support team will gather all your security requirements with regards to access and set up all necessary roles and permissions to support your organizational structure and policies. Enterprise Application integration setup (i.e. SIS, HRIS, ERP, ) as well as integration with LDAP / Active Directory to create and manage user accounts and handle end user authentication

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Launch and be Optimized

Our process is highly client-centric and therefore we assemble a project team that specifically aligns with the customer profile, geography, subject matter, and timelines. Our team uses Project Management software to assign and track the completion of every milestone, task, and effectively communicate between project, technical and development team members.

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clevr clients are utilizing a wide variety of both standardized and highly configured forms and reports including but not limited to, student forms in the areas of student services and assessment data collection and reporting, staff forms including performance appraisals, growth plans as well as school forms such as emergency response and school plans.

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