clevr is an advanced form builder designed for K-12

How to digitize a form?

We’re not talking about scanning paper documents and converting them to PDF.  We use an advanced form builder to recreate your existing forms and workflows in one place. Our process connects all your student forms, staff forms, and school-based forms for greater results in real-time.

4 Steps to Digitize Forms

Our customer success team will guide you through a simple process.

clevr is an advanced form builder designed for K-12

Current State Assessment

First, we want to understand your current data collection methods and explore how this data is used to make decisions and drive organizational processes. We consider your approval workflows, reporting requirements, and outputs that you want to see. From there, our team will propose ways to efficiently and effectively design a “super” form based on our 16 years of experience deploying 2000+ K-12 forms.

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Meet Your Team

Our process is highly client-centric and therefore we assemble a project management team that specifically aligns with the customer profile, geography, subject matter, and timelines. Our team uses Project Management software to assign and track the completion of every milestone, task, and effectively communicate between project, technical and development team members.

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clevr is an advanced form builder designed for K-12

Product Enablement

We complete the technical configuration steps necessary to configure the clevr tenant for integration (SIS/HR), automation of user accounts and user authentication. We then load a default form into production and provide enablement training for power users.

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Your forms, your way

Using an advanced form builder, we carefully develop forms for your district with as many iterations as required to make sure it functions and displays perfectly. Our customer success team will meet with you regularly to show progress on the forms and receive your feedback. Each form goes through rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure your electronic form performs as it was designed to and adheres to your district’s requirements.

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Each department gets what they need

Our advanced form builder allows us to create purpose-built forms to meet any data collection and workflow requirement. Forms can be categorized by Department, Role, or School Location. No need to purchase additional modules – you can achieve cross-departmental visibility and communication with one powerful solution.

Inclusive Learning
Health & Safety
Clinical Services
Student Services
Human Resources
Finance & Administration

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