Clevr’s digital forms, workflow, and reporting solution helps streamline important and often inefficient processes required in K-12.

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Trusted by hundreds of leading school districts

Collect Data and streamline

workflows with less stress

Leading school districts across North America partner with Clevr to accelerate the delivery of services, programs, and efficiently collect data across multiple teams. Go from clunky manual forms to smart document management, with less hassle and cost, with dynamic form-based solutions built for collaborative school districts.

Collaboration With Districts

Districts benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with other Districts working on the same initiatives to guide quality implementations.

K-12 Expertise

Our exclusive focus on the K-12 education industry sets us apart from other companies that may serve a variety of industries.

Keep Your Existing Process

We believe (as you do) that school districts should not be forced to change their internal processes to match that of software vendors.

Data Collection Has an Effectiveness Problem


90% of educators say burnout is a serious issue, according to a nationwide poll of 3,621 educators that are members of the National Education Association.


77% of document workflows in U.S. education involve some paper-based or manual processes, according to an IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Adobe


64% of educators strongly support the reduction of paperwork requirements as a possible solution to reduce educator burnout.

Consolidate and
streamline your forms

Standardize how your team collects and stores data. Eliminate data silos and keep all your form data in one place, easily accessible and connected to all your other permission-based forms.

Automate workflows to
increase efficiency

Accelerate approval processes and simplify tasks with role-based notifications. Keep work moving forward with email notifications, on-screen alerts, and a fully integrated Notification Board.

Drive better decision making

Easily create reports and visualizations. Make sense of volumes of data in seconds. With insightful dashboards featuring completion metrics, custom search, and shared reports. Spend less time cobbling reports together, and start having conversations.

Future-proof your forms and processes

In education, change is constant. With Clevr, you have complete control to modify and make incremental adjustments to your forms, workflows, and reports – you’re never stuck with the solution you originally designed. We grow together with you.

Point Solution

Implement a custom solution for a
specific use case.


Blend several use cases together for seamless data flows between teams.

We serve leaders across a range of departments, including:

Special Education

Curriculum & Instruction

Student Services

Human Resources

Inclusion & Equity

Registration & Enrollment

Superintendent’s Office

Information Technology

School Safety

250,000 Happy Educators and Counting

“One solution for everything, to fill in the gaps that we can’t do with our other systems.”


“Clevr is helping to solve a board-wide communication gap by providing online access to forms.”


“This software program provides a streamlined approach to workflow automation, offering greater flexibility when sharing documents between employees and supervisors.”


“More and more, we are driving our staff to one place to complete forms. As new initiatives come up, we have the ability to build out new forms and processes. The system works and it’s good.”


See your district thrive

As your one-stop-shop for managing forms and workflow, Clevr enables optimum efficiency for collaborative school districts through our software platform, K-12 solution marketplace, and expertly-managed services.

We’re more than a platform

A platform alone won’t get you to your goals. We’ve got a team of onboarding, integration, design, and subject matter experts that will help guide you on your path to value. We believe collaboration is the key to your success.

Clevr’s digital forms, workflow, and reporting solution helps streamline important and often inefficient processes required in K-12.

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