Linked Accounts Card

Linked accounts are perfect for users who require more than one role within clevr, or for those who require access to more than one district/division.

If a user has more than one account within clevr, their Username along with the their role and tenant (where the user account exists) will be displayed in the Linked Accounts Card within the Person Record.

Adding a Linked Account

To add a Linked Account, click on the Add Linked Account button in the Linked Accounts card.

This will open a separate window allowing you to specify an Alias for the account. The Alias should represent the purpose of the user account, for example, Principal Account, so that t he user can identify the account type when they are switching between accounts in clevr. Once you have added the alias, select the user account using the checkbox beside the user that you with to link it to.

Click the Add Linked Account button to apply your changes. clevr will confirm that the changes were applied successfully in the Add Linked Account window.

Removing a Linked Account

If the Linked Account is no longer needed by the user, it can be easily unlinked through the Linked Accounts Card.

To remove the linked account, click on the Tenant Name displayed on the Linked Accounts Card.

This will open the Update Linked Account window. Select the Remove Linked Account button in the top right hand corner of this window.

clevr will prompt you asking if you wish to remove the account from the Users profile. Click Delete to remove the linked account.

Updating a Linked Account

This will open the Update Linked Account window allowing you to update alias/name of the account. Once you have applied your changes, select the Update Linked Account button to apply your changes.

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